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Day 1
The Relationship Began
Genesis 1:1-2,26-31; John 1:1,14
Today’s Point:
The God who created everything wants a relationship with us.
Bible Story Summary:
In the beginning, there was nothing ... only God the Father, His Son Jesus, and God’s Holy Spirit. God created the world and everything in it, including man. God made man to enjoy relationships with one another and with Him.

Day 2
The Relationship Broken
Genesis 3
Today’s Point:
Sin messed everything up, but God is still in control.
Bible Story Summary:
Satan tempted Eve to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. Eve ate and offered some to Adam who also ate. Sin entered the world and every person who has ever lived has chosen to disobey God in some way—except for One, Jesus.

Day 3
The Restoration Promised
Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:18-24; Luke 2:22-38
Today’s Point:
God sent His Son, Jesus, to be the Savior of the world.
Bible Story Summary:
Before sin even entered the world, God had a plan to fix everything sin would mess up. In Isaiah, God promised to send the Messiah. When the time was right, God sent Jesus to pay the penalty for sin. Simeon and Anna recognized that Jesus was the Messiah God had promised.

Day 4
The Relationship Restored
Mark 15:22–16:7
Today’s Point:
Jesus gave His life to be my Savior.
Bible Story Summary:
Jesus literally was Immanuel—God with us. When Jesus was 33, He was put on trial, convicted of sins He did not commit, and hung on a cross to die. When Jesus died darkness covered the land and the veil in the temple was torn in two. Jesus was buried and on the third day He arose. Jesus provided the way for our relationship with God to be restored.

Day 5
The Relationship Continues
John 21:1-19; Acts 1:4,8
Today’s Point:
Even though I mess up, God still loves me and will never leave me.
Bible Story Summary:
Some days after God raised Jesus from the dead, He met some of the disciples at the Sea of Galilee. Jesus prepared breakfast for the disciples. He restored Peter’s relationship and instructed Peter to take care of His sheep. Jesus told the disciples to wait for God to send the Holy Spirit so that God would always be with them to help and to guide them.
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