Antioch Baptist Children's Ministry

Kids Programming Schedule
9:45-Sunday School

5:30-Bible Drill   
6:30 Preschool and Children's Choir/Missions

Jesus Christ entered the world as a child, learned and taught in the temple as a child and called the children unto him when others would have pushed them aside.  There is no doubt then that scripture affirms that Children hold a very special place in God's eyes.  Children are precious at Antioch and we strive to help them to grow as Christ grew and to live as Christ calls us to live.

For us, Children’s ministry is about three things: Foundation, Formation and Fun!

The foundation of our ministry is the Word of God and we take teaching God’s word to our children very seriously.  At Antioch you will find a wealth of teaching experience bringing to life God’s word for our children at Sunday School, AWANA and on Wednesday nights.  We seek to meet children where they are and how they learn best whether it be through art, music, Godly play or by simply listening to the stories of faith.

The formation of our children’s faith isn’t just about Biblical knowledge but also how to practice it in their everyday lives.  As a part of this formation, children will learn various ways to pray and interact with God’s Holy presence; how to be followers of Jesus through salvation and discipleship; what it means to be worship leaders; how they can live missionally in their daily lives; and they will experience missions first hand.  All this happens in a loving, multigenerational setting. Children's ministry does not happen in world unto itself at Antioch and giving children the opportunity to lead in Sunday worship and interact with other generations is a hallmark of our ministry.

Having fun is important!  Kids learn best by doing, moving and interacting.  At Antioch we strive to make learning fun but we also know that there are times that we just have fun for the sake of, well, fun!  Kids can let their hair down during AWANA games, get creative on Wednesday nights through music and art and just have a blast during day camps to museums, parks and other fun places.  Every summer our VBS allows kids to travel to a new place where adventure and learning await and our summer art camp lets kids experience God’s presence and worship in new and fun ways!  

Our goal is that by the end of the sixth grade we will have developed children who are secure in their faith and salvation, confident in expressing their faith in worship and in life, and who are ready to face the challenges of their teenage years!