Upcoming Events

Join us this Thursday 11/16 at 7:00 (meal at 6:30) as we welcome the Levesques family and learn what it means to model for our children the passion and compassion God has given us in very real ways.

Thanks for taking some time to get to know our [fun-loving, slightly crazy, caring and compassionate] family. In May of 2016, we felt called to begin looking into mission opportunities that would allow our family to not only to spread awareness on social injustice, but also to serve people and share the good news that Jesus has to offer.  

Living in this great country certainly has wonderful benefits, but it is very easy to fall into the trap of busyness, stress and the pursuit of things and lose sight of some of our deepest passions.

So this summer, we’re stepping on an adventure. We’ll be hitting the road, traveling across America to advocate against human trafficking and mobilize individuals to bring hope and love to their neighbors.

You Are Welcome
You Are Loved
You Are Home At Antioch

About Us

We've been around a while, 184 years to be exact, but our passion for Jesus has remained through the generations of our Southern Baptist Church. Our church is truly multi-generational with congregants as young as a few months old to over 90 years old.  Here you will find our senior adults serving with our children and our children serving in worship. We worship together in a blended service and work together to become more like the Kingdom of God. We believe that we have much to learn about what it means to be the church by walking in the footsteps of faith of our elders, but we also believe that every generation must be involved in the life of our church for our church to truly have life.   Young and young at heart, we seek to know Christ more through discipleship and to reach lives for Jesus through missions and community involvement. We are not content to be merely hearers of the Word but we must also be doers, putting our faith into action on a daily basis. You are welcome, you are loved and you have a home here at Antioch.

Services and Programming

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    Sunday School
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    AWANA Youth and Children's Programming September-May
  1. Wednesdays
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    Children's Bible Drill August - May
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    Adult Bible Study Youth and Children's Programming