Boone Trail Mops and MOMSNext

We are so excited for you to join our group of moms with kids from birth through high school seniors!  We know that having a community of support is vitally important for every mom and we want to make sure you are connected with ours.  Below is a link to MOPS International's registration site.  

To register for our group please read all of these directions first:

1.   Click the "Become a Member" link below (black box located on the picture of the mom and child or at the bottom of the page in mobile view)

2.   Scroll down past  the "search for a group" option to "Received a GROUP CODE from a MOPS leader?" and use the following codes for our specific group​ (you may want to write these down):

For MOPS (mothers of birth to preschoolers) -  T35S
For MOMSNext (mothers of school aged kids and teens)- OSZI